Popeye, charlie brown, jessica rabbit, mario bross, homero simpson, los south park muchos mas humanizados..!!! (Dios, los prefiero de tinta, estan refeos!!)

De niño, Popeye era una de mis caricaturas preferidas y difícilmente me perdía un capítulo. Bueno, hasta me gustaban las espinacas aunque, para mi desgracia, no me proporcionaban la misma fuerza que al marinero de la tele, pero yo no perdía la esperanza de poderme enfrentar a Brutus. No me parecía nada atractiva una novia como Oliva, ni ser perseguido por Alicia la Goona, ni tener que cuidar de Cocoliso o de un amigo como Pilón. Pero en general me gustaba mucho la serie e incluso me caían bien los endemoniados sobrinos de este simpático tuerto.

Sin embargo, creo que la historia habría sido muy distinta si en vez del personaje de las tiras cómicas hubiera salido esta versión “humanizada” que no tiene nada de agradable. Presiento que habría salido corriendo, muerto de miedo.


Movie makeup effects artist Rick Baker designed Popeye as a real, as in really scary, person. Kinda makes you wonder what he’d do with Olive Oyl!


Artist Tim O’Brien drew his more worldly version of Charlie Brown and named it Chuck Brown. This was created for a show called “Monsters”.


Pixeloo has done a lot of untooning. Possibly his most popular image is of a real life Jessica Rabbit.


His Mario is pretty well-known also. Pixeloo has also untooned Stewie, Homer Simpson, and a gallery of other animated icons.
Polish surrealist
Jaroslaw Kukowski created the painting The New Millenium in 2008. Another site called it “the Teletubbies on their home planet”. The Teletubbies are costumed characters instead of cartoons, but a painting still makes them look more real!

Tycho is a character in the webcomic Penny Arcade. This Worth1000 Photoshop entry by JinxRLM made him more realistic. See other untooned characters in the Reality Toons Photoshop contest.
Toronto artist Adnan Saleem of
Destination Creation pictured what The Simpsons would look like in a three-dimensional style. There’s not a whole lot you can do to make Marge’s blue hair look at all real! Saleem later redid Homer Simpson in a manner that was a little more faithful to the cartoon.
Photoshop artist Mata Leone untooned Stan Smith of the show American Dad, among many
other cartoons, comic book characters, and even paintings.



In season nine of South Park, the main characters are wanted by the police. A witness made a sketch of them, and this is what it looked like. It is a bit jarring to see a drawing that looks more true-to-life than the actual characters, especially right there on the show!
Other artists have taken the abstract South Park characters and redrawn them more realistically. The above set of family portraits is by Deviant Art member
550_southparkKuroi_TsukiAnd another version of the same boys from Deviant Art member

This is just a small sampling of the many cartoon and comic characters getting the realism treatment. More are popping up every day!

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